Varnish Shop

An efficient team of managers, varnishers and grinders is ready to undertake projects requiring a high level of precision and complexity. They efficiently cooperate with carpenters and metalworkers.

We have already undertaken many demanding and unconventional projects – we are ready for further ambitious challenges.

TDS Form varnish shop’s machine park

Painting machines

they are an important link in increasing the paint efficiency, while maintaining high precision

Spray booths

They provide conditions for high-precision work and proper drying of painted elements

Paint walls

They give the possibility to finish the edges of different elements in a precise and durable way, including cleaning and final polishing.

Wide belt sander

It allows to speed up the polishing process and optimize the economy of production

Edge sander

It allows to take care of the precision of every detail of the painted elements’ edge

Manual varnishers and polishers

A group of specialists thanks to whom the customer can enjoy a high level of non- standard elements’ finishing


varnising services manager

As a person managing the varnishing team I am pleased with how skilfully we implement projects that are of demanding nature. I can see how much satisfaction they give to our team.