Unique forms
for interiors

We take challenges by deriving satisfaction from carrying out diverse, unusual and demanding projects – proving by this that the art of carpentry is still alive.

The interrelation of hand craft with automated production line gives us the possibility to complete orders, that small production facilities neither big factories don’t want to take on – we are specialists in personalized medium size projects.

The crucial part of our culture is caring about the precision of execution of given tasks. The possibility to focus on maintaining quality while maintaining efficiency of implementation is ensured by structured internal processes.


We produce hard and soft furniture

We create them taking care at the same time of their functionality, ergonomics and esthetics. We perform carpentry and varnishing work and in cooperation with our partners we are able to ensure upholstery, utility furniture systems, electronic and technological installations as also accessories that you think are right for your project.

We deliver ready products – by resolving all limitations efficiently.

Decorative elements for interiors

We prepare decorative elements for interiors

We are appreciated for taking care of the visual finish of every detail. That is why we have been chosen many times to implement whole projects of interior design or only their elements.

  • arrangement of interior design for hotels, office buildings and shopping malls
  • arrangement of displays for salons, boutiques and shop
  • displays for products
  • exclusive stands for the fairs

Semi-finished furniture

Semi-finished furniture and semi-finished utility products

As part of B2B cooperation, we are ready to implement demanding elements of individual products. We have already helped in many different projects – from special designed wooden radios to high-volume series of furniture.

Carpentry services

Carpentry team services TDS Form

A team of enthusiasts and craftsmen who are ready to carry our projects using wood, veneer, blockboards, laminated boards, MDF and HPL boards. They efficiently cooperate with glaziers, stonecutters and metalworkers.


Varnish services

Varnish team services TDS Form

TDS Form varnish services

The final touch to the products is given by a team of varnishers, who thanks to organized internal processes, are ready to ensure efficient implementation of serial and individual production.


Apartaments – Złota 44 (Warsaw, Poland)

Apartaments – Złota 44...

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VIP Zone – Airport Rzeszów (Poland))

VIP Zone – Airport Rzes...

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Wjatech – Zaczernie (Rzeszów)

Wjatech – Zaczernie (Rz...

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Dom jednorodzinny w Przemyślu

Dom jednorodzinny w Przem...

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Hexagon TDS – Geometric Shelf

Hexagon TDS – Geometric...

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Diana Sarna

Diana Sarna

Sarna Architects

We are glad that in case of demanding projects we have such a reliable partner – a contractor who will always ensure the expected highest level of implementation of our projects’ intentions, nevertheless how complex the task is. When working for our demanding clients, the most important thing for us is uncompromising quality and timely implementation. We expect the same from our partners, and that is why we have been working so closely with TDS Form for so many years.

Mark Newbiggin-Watts

Mark Newbiggin-Watts


Every detail plays a role in prestigious investments – I appreciate cooperation with TDS Form for the efficiency and quality of their performance. The responsibility they take over the implementation of the project makes my comfort as an investor increases in the absence of problems.